The Extraordinary Thomara Latimer Cancer Foundation

[The media makes sure you hear about it when black folks mess up but are often strangely silent when there is good news to report, so I’m posting this to my blog.]

5My family and I had a wonderful time at The Thomara Latimer Cancer Foundation gala last night. We attended at the invitation of my best friend, Dr. Helen Byrd and her husband, Dr. LaSalles Pinnock.

The Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to providing compassionate, valuable services and resources to pediatric and young adult cancer patients and providing scholarships to young people in pursuit of biomedical studies.

The affair was to present scholarships to eight young people who are excelling in this field in their studies, some already in college, and some high school seniors starting college soon.

2Several cancer survivors were present and acknowledged.  There was a very tasty dinner followed by a most informative and engaging speech by noted author, physician, speaker, and media personality Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Thomara, age 21, was a senior at Grand Valley State University, preparing for her passion to become a pediatrician when her change took place. A diagnosis of small cell cancer was made. Although she transitioned on December 10, 1997, her legacy continues through the Thomara Latimer Cancer Foundation.

Mrs. Barbara Latimer, Dr. Helen Byrd (in black) and Dr. LaSalles Pinnock

Mrs. Barbara Latimer, Dr. Helen Byrd (in black) and Dr. LaSalles Pinnock

The TLCF was founded by Thomara’s parents, Thomas and Barbara Latimer.  I spoke briefly with Mrs. Latimer last evening to tell her how very much I enjoyed the gala and congratulate her on the Foundation’s success.

The TLCF has a Facebook page at

CLICK HERE to visit the TLCF’s website to make a donation, or to obtain more  Information about the scholarship program.



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